Jim Ryan | Owner/Operator

Our process

Overview of process

First, we begin by visiting your home to view the work site and then have one-on-one discussion of how we can help you. Selecting the right paint color for your room is key to enjoying your home for years. Then, we’ll give you a detailed work order on the process and cost of our professional services, so you can be sure of the final product and cost. “We’ll never charge you more than the original quote we gave for the services we contract.”–Jim Ryan.  Next, Ryan Painting, Inc. will work with you to reach a written agreement and select a start date.

Prep work - in brief

  • Clearing the Work Area (Homeowner).
  • Preparing Surfaces – protecting areas such as carpet, light fixtures, windows, etc.
  • Cleaning surfaces – Paint holds to clean surfaces.  For exteriors we power wash, scrape any leftover paint chipping, and replace wood rot as necessary.  Inside we prepare walls by making minor drywall repairs, filling holes, sanding.    
  •  Now we are ready to paint. 

Post-painting process

Upon completion of your home Jim Ryan of Ryan Painting, Inc. will review the finished home with you to make sure you are satisfied, with the accuracy, quality, and efficiency. ”I personally guarantee your satisfaction.” – Jim Ryan

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